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Kimia Farayand Tar Exir (Knowledge-Based) Company operates in the area of producing petrochemical products by processing the natural bitumen, and by presenting the products to oil, gas, petrochemical, road construction, civil and insulating companies and all associated industries in Iran and at the international arena, with the goal of assisting the economy, serving the industries, creasing value and promoting the living standards of its beneficiaries, by using know-how and modern technologies, and as a result reducing the production costs and presenting products that meet international standards and at lower prices.

Featured products

Tarrex 105

Natural Bitumen (Gilsonite like) Ash%: 0 to 5 Mesh: -200
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Tarrex 110

Natural Bitumen (Gilsonite like) Ash%: 5-10 Mesh: -200
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Tarrex 115

Natural Bitumen (Gilsonite Like) Ash%: 10-15 Mesh: -200
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Tarrex Polymer

Bitumen and Asphalt Modifier
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New TARREX Bitumen and Asphalt Modifier -tuesday, february 23, 2016
New TARREX Bitumen and Asphalt modifier Polymer is coming up!
New TarExir website is open! -wednesday, november 25, 2015
The new tarexir website is open now! We are very excited to offer our new range of products. We will be constantly adding to our range so please register on our site.
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