Natural Bitumen

Natural Bitumen: This kind of bitumen which is found in nature and is produced following the gradual transformation of crude oil, due to the effects of climatic elements and vaporization of its volatile compounds, after passage of several years, and it can be utilized without needing to go through distillation process. This type of bitumen maintains more durable than distilled bitumen. Natural bitumen in aliphatic and aromatic solvents is in the form of solution. In a clog state it is very crispy and glossy black and in a powder state, it is dark brown. For natural bitumen, some other names like uintaite, asphalt, asphaltum and gilsonite have also been used.

Uses and Applications

Natural Bitumen extracted from mines, is widely used in industries, below we will provide you with some of these areas:

  • In the area of road construction and insulation, with production of combined and emulated bitumen.
  • Drilling mud, used in drilling of oil and water wells,
  • Production of printing inks,
  • Production of printing powders for use in printing devices,
  • Paint, Stains and Dye making industries,
  • Foundry industries, by using natural bitumen to make coating for sand molds,
  • Chemical products like resins and adhesives,
  • Sanitary and cosmetic products,
  • Pharmaceutical industries,

And many other uses. 

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