Kimia Faryanad Tar Exir knowledge-based company was established in 2015 in order to process natural bitumen and produce different products from this valuable material, by relying on 20 years of scientific, specialized and experienced background of its founders.

Simply speaking, the company is planning to construct a modern industry in order to increase the quality of natural (mineral) bitumen and by refining this substance, use modern techniques in order to comprehensively meet all issues existing in this industry, by using specialists and experts.

The company also aims at increasing the level of customers’ information and making them interested in innovation and production of all types of bitumen products for any required process, and providing a major part of the local and international markets by using natural bitumen and showing that this product is not only able to compete with the processed bitumen, but also has a better function than specific processed products.

We believe that the best method in order to compete and decrease the cost, is to use the know-how and suitable production methods that are useful in lowering the production costs. In this way, we can produce a high-quality and economic product.