Tarrex Polymer

Bitumen and Asphalt Modifier
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Bitumen Modifier

Properties of TARREX Polymer in bitumen are as followed:

  1.  Increase in performance grade (PG) from the period of –22 to +64 in distilled bitumen to the period of –26 to +75 by adding  TARREX Polymer.
  2.  High softness rate: Increase from the period of 58-60 in distilled bitumen to 75 when added TARREX Polymer.
  3.  Increase in cohesion rate: Adding TARREX Polymer to the bitumen will result in a stronger bond between the bitumen and sand

Asphalt Modifier

Properties of TARREX Polymer in asphalt are as followed:

  1. Adding TARREX Polymer to asphalt will result in maximizing the level of cohesion between bitumen and sand. This bond in modified bitumen is quiet stronger compare to the refined bitumen, and this can be tested by conducting a Boiling Test
  2. A decrease in Bleeding due to the high level of Performance Grade
  3. A decrease in Crocodile Cracking due to the strong bonding of bitumen and sand and high level of efficiency
  4. A decrease in the number of cracks as a result of high efficiency level
  5. A decrease in asphalt rutting.
  6. Increase the resistance against water by 50%