Turning into one of the most reliable resources and trustworthy entities in presenting the services and products with an approach on respecting and serving the customers,

Statement of Vision

Kimia Farayand Tar Exir Company is planning to become the top producer of petrochemical products, by using natural bitumen in Iran by 2021, by focusing on know-how and paying special attention to innovation, and at the same time as one of the most reliable suppliers of these products at the international level.



The company’s vision is described as follows:

  • Producing raw materials with reasonable quality and under international standards for different industries and producing diversified products by processing the natural bitumen,
  • Minimum annual sales of Rls. 400 billion.
  • Minimum annual profit margin of 30%
  • Recruiting and training specialized forces and developing the knowledge-oriented human resources,
  • Producing at least 5 new products by the use of processed natural bitumen,
  • Presenting best services and adhering the timely fulfillment of obligations in line with customer satisfaction,
  • Trying to make optimum use of resources and protecting the environment,